The Euro Lottery

A lottery is a gambling game of chance whereby contestants draw numbers for a prize. The Euro Millions Lottery (or the Euro Lottery in short) is one of the biggest and most popular lottery games in the whole of Europe. It first took place on Friday, 13th February 2004. In many parts of the world, there exists a belief that Friday the 13th is a jinxed day; but that is something you can convince any winner of the jackpot on. Initially, it started with only three countries-the United Kingdom, France and Spain-but over the years, it has grown to include other European countries. Australian’s too can participate.

The Euro Millions Lottery draw takes place every Friday, in the United Kingdom and on air in all major Television channels in Europe. For you to be eligible to participate you have to be 18 years or older, with the exception of United Kingdom where the minimum age is 16 years. Playing the game is very simple. You select five numbers from 1 to 50 and two lucky star numbers from 1 to 9. The fund starts at 15 million Euros and increases to the next draw, if no one wins the first draw. There are cases when the prize money can reach over 100 million Euros!

Determining the Winner

Winning the jackpot involves comparing your five lucky numbers to the first five drawn numbers and two lucky star numbers. If they are the same, then you are the winner. In the recent past, most people have had to share the jackpot since they had similar numbers. However, this should not discourage anyone from participating in the lottery for the amount of money involved is usually very high. A very important note to make is that, after purchasing your ticket, you should keep it very safely. Whenever you purchase a ticket, there is no recording of your details, thus, in case you lose your ticket and someone else presents it, he will have the prize money as his. There is no way to prove ownership.

In order to rip maximum profit and increase your chances of winning, you are encouraged to join a syndicate. Statistics indicate that the chances of winning while in a syndicate are very high. One in every four-jackpot prizes is won by syndicate group. Each syndicate group consists of 39 members and 36 lines for every draw. Each line has to share five main numbers and two lucky star numbers to claim the jackpot. The larger the group, the better the chances of winning as the odds rises by a massive 3600 percent!

The main advantage of the euro millions lottery is that anyone can participate from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the jackpot is tax-free. Another advantage of the lottery is that you can still win some other prizes if you much a few numbers in both categories. For instance, if you much the 5 numbers and one lucky star number, you still get to win a prize. In simple terms, you need to match three or more numbers to win a prize. The success of the euro lottery should encourage everyone to try for you might never know if it is your lucky day.